Fitness For Motherhood, Evolved

A method designed to prepare, rehabilitate, and strengthen your body while empowering your mind for pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.


We are a team of Pre & Postnatal Fitness Experts, Doulas, Midwives, & Childbirth Educators dedicated to providing women with a method that is rooted in evidence and continually evolving fitness for motherhood. 

The LUNA Method integrates our evidence based fitness techniques with functional movement, strength training, postural & body awareness, and corrective exercise all while providing you with a safe, fun, sweaty, and challenging workout! You will feel more connected to your body and your power as a woman & mother.

Being "fit" is so much more than the physical. The LUNA Method is evolving fitness for motherhood by encompassing the full spectrum of your wellness through physical activity || mental + emotional wellbeing || community + support.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our core unit is at the center of all movement, and having a strong, functional core is truly the foundation of strength. Which is why everything that we do at The LUNA Method™ stems from correct breathing patterns and deep core / pelvic floor recruitment + awareness. While The LUNA Method™ is highly specialized & skilled in working with women through pregnancy and motherhood, we have a deep understanding of how women's bodies are structurally different from men's, which is why we cater specifically to the unique needs of the female body. The vast majority of fitness methods & approaches do not teach women how to properly integrate their pelvic floor and deep core musculatures, and often women are given incorrect cues on how to be engaging their core. Rather than enhancing their workouts, this can (often unknowingly) be causing harm. At The LUNA Method™ we take a hands on approach to training while educating ALL women on the anatomy and functionality of how their bodies move.


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As a Women's Health Physical Therapist specializing in pregnancy, postpartum and the pelvic floor, I am so excited that I get to work directly with The LUNA Method. The LUNA Method is the ONLY pre & postnatal fitness method that I feel comfortable sending my clients to. Not all prenatal & postnatal fitness methods are created equal. Unfortunately I can't trust that the instructors of other programs & methods have the knowledge to safely guide my clients. The LUNA Method is who I trust with my clients.

—  Alicia Willoughby, MSPT - Women's Health & Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist


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1938 A 4th Street
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(415) 295-7707


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