The LUNA Method™ was founded & created by Sarah Bradford, a mother who during her own pregnancy wanted to stay active but found that aside from yoga, pregnancy specific exercise was lacking in her area in a big way. Through her own postpartum healing and fitness journey, Sarah was inspired to bring a new form of safe, modern, evidence based, and highly effective pregnancy and postpartum fitness to her community, while also educating ALL women on the anatomy & functionality of how their bodies move. Sarah continually consults with a team of experts in the field of perinatal care and women's health physiotherapy in order to bring you the most up to date and effective fitness method possible. At The LUNA Method™ we believe that being fit goes beyond exercise alone. Which is why our method integrates our modern, evidence based, and effective fitness techniques with functional movement, corrective exercise, holistic nutritional guidance, meditation, and self-care together to provide you with a uniquely holistic experience. 


Sarah's intention with The LUNA Method™ was to create a full service fitness & wellness approach for ALL women, whether you are currently pregnant, postpartum, trying to conceive, not yet ready for children, have grown children, have adopted, or are the mother of a child birthed by your partner. 


We provide our clients with safe, highly effective, sweaty, challenging, and fun workouts. While we specialize in pregnancy & postpartum, our method is open to ALL women with a pelvic floor and a core, as we believe all women can truly benefit from our techniques regardless of what stage of life you're in. We teach you the techniques needed to safely strengthen and engage your core throughout pregnancy and post-birth, correctly engage and release your true pelvic floor, proper diaphragmatic breathing, reducing your risk of abdominal separation, incontinence, & prolapse, and maintaining proper alignment. We will help to prepare you physically, emotionally, and mentally for conception, birth, motherhood, and beyond. 

At The LUNA Method™ our goal is to provide you with an out of this world experience from the moment you enter into our studio. You will leave our classes & workshops with tools & techniques that you can take with you into your every day life. We take a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, which means we consider all aspects of what creates a healthy preconception phase, pregnancy, birth, postpartum period, and beyond from exercise to nutrition to education and community.


We chose the name LUNA in part due to the lunar effect on conception, childbirth, and the cycle of pregnancy. We are made up of 80% water, and similarly to the way the moon's gravitational pull controls the tides, it also controls a woman's body. Menstruation and ovulation both follow a lunar cycle, as does pregnancy. Interestingly enough, more babies are born on a full moon than any other time. The moon is also associated with the feminine energy while the sun is considered to be masculine. The cycle of pregnancy is similar to the lunar cycle, as both start out as a small sliver, grow into round, glowing fullness, and then revert back to a sliver. We chose the name LUNA to represent the beautiful cycle of conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.


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