Our LUNA Instructors & Trainers are not your average fitness professionals. We are a team of highly trained, Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialists with significant education and experience in working with pregnant and postpartum women. At The LUNA Method™ we continually consult with a team of experts in the field of perinatal care and women's health physiotherapy in order to bring you the most up to date and effective fitness method possible. Our team also consists of Midwives, Doulas, Nutritionists, & Childbirth Educators, here to provide you with the highest quality of holistic care.

Sarah Bradford

Founder + CEO | Creator of The LUNA Method

I'm Sarah, a mama, wife, Certified Personal Trainer, Pre & Postnatal Master Trainer, Diastasis Recti & Core Rehabilitation Specialist, and the founder & creator of The LUNA Method™. I started my career in holistic wellness as a Certified Holistic Nutrition Counselor specializing in fertility and pregnancy, and as a HypnoBirthing Instructor. I was shocked to find that there was no prenatal specific exercise aside from yoga here in Marin County, and through my own pregnancy, postpartum rehabilitation, and fitness journey I learned just how crucial this is. I wanted to provide my community with the empowerment, strength, and wellness they deserve to have healthier, happier, easier pregnancies and births. 


Getting pregnant was no easy task for me. My husband is a two time cancer survivor, and while the treatments he went through ultimately saved his life, they also left him unable to have children naturally. Luckily we knew this was a possibility and took the necessary precautions before his treatment began to be able to have a family in the future. When that time finally came, I went through a round of IVF which unfortunately resulted in ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, and not a pregnancy. I then went straight into a frozen embryo transfer which was also unsuccessful. Being that I do not have any known fertility issues of my own, our doctors were stumped. They suggested we discard our remaining embryos and start a new round of IVF. I listened to my own intuition, took my remaining embryos with me, and found a new doctor. I waited a few months and worked at cleansing my body of the medications and hormones I had been given, and reset my mind. Once I felt ready, we did a frozen embryo transfer with our new doctor. This time it was unmedicated, we simply followed my body's own natural cycle, and I became pregnant with my son. 


Throughout my pregnancy I continued my regular daily heated Vinyasa flow practice that I have had for the past 16 years, and modified as needed, and also participated in prenatal yoga right up until the very end of my pregnancy. I wanted to do other forms of exercise too but was afraid to as a first time pregnant mama. I wasn't able to find any prenatal specific exercise other than yoga anywhere in Marin, so I decided to stick to what I knew. After a very long and difficult labor, I was left anemic and weak. Once I got my blood levels back up to normal and felt capable of exercising again, I realized I couldn't even find my core muscles. My back ached from holding my newborn son, my hips were sore and overstretched from birth, and I felt overweight and weak. I went to my first yoga class after having my baby and was surprised by what I wasn't able to do. I felt like it was the first yoga class I had ever taken! It was hard and I felt discouraged. I had a long road ahead of me. After finally being diagnosed with Diastasis Recti at 3 months postpartum, I began my journey toward healing my diastasis. Through proper and consistent exercises and staying connected to my deep core & pelvic floor muscles throughout my daily movements, I was successfully able to to fully heal my diastasis. I began to get my regular yoga practice back, and at about 5 months postpartum I began weight training again. I found myself getting stronger and stronger each week and it was exhilarating! My passion for fitness began to truly blossom in a whole new way, and soon enough it became as much a part of my life as my yoga practice. I am now officially in the best shape and health of my life. 

I am so glad you found us! I am truly passionate about empowering women to feel strong, confident, and powerful in their journeys into and through motherhood. When I am not in the studio you can usually find me out enjoying nature with my son, husband, and our two dogs.

Stephanie Nelson

COO of The LUNA Method | Head LUNA Trainer

Stephanie first came to The LUNA Method™ when her son was just four weeks old. From there her passion for what our work only continued to grow and she decided to immerse herself in becoming a Certified Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist and our Head LUNA Method Instructor / Trainer. Stephanie is also a Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula. Through her experience of supporting women through pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum stage, Stephanie has a deep understanding of the anatomy of pregnancy and birth. Her knowledge and expertise shine through in her classes here at The LUNA Method™ along with her amazing sense of humor and her warmth. 

Danelle Weller

Certified Personal Trainer | Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist | Pilates Instructor

Bio coming soon!

Diane Holzer, LM | CPM | PA-C

Licensed Midwife & Physician's Assistant

Diane has been attending births for over thirty five years and has loved every bit of it! Well over a thousand babies have been received with the help of Diane’s hands, each one truly magical. All the babies that she helps deliver are extremely cute! Diane weaves the skills of her herbal training, at Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, and holistic approach to life throughout her care with the families she serves. Diane’s goal is to blend the sacredness of birth with modern day evidence based practice.


Diane practices midwifery in the Bay Area of San Francisco including San Francisco, Marin, and Sonoma counties since 1993. In addition to being a midwife, Diane has served hundreds of families in the rural community of West Marin where she works as a Physician Assistant in Family Practice. Watching the kids grow and being involved in their lives after they are born is one of the greatest gifts she can imagine. Diane has also dedicated over 20 years of her life to serving the larger midwifery movement. She was a founding mother and co-creator of multiple midwifery organizations, on the board of the Midwives Alliance of North America for 20 years, and together with her midwifery co-conspirators during these decades created much of the infrastructure for education, certification and promotion of the art and profession of direct entry midwifery in the United States.


Diane has a passion for teaching and spent almost 10 years on faculty of Maternidad La Luz, a well known training program for midwives.  She has been involved with the training of hundreds of student midwives. She also has been involved in international maternal health projects for years and currently is midwife educator and clinical advisor for a program run by Pachamama in the Ecuadorian Amazon rain forest. 

Molly Escobar

Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula | Childbirth Educator

Molly E. Escobar is a certified childbirth educator, certified birth doula and certified postpartum doula in the San Francisco Bay Area. Molly previously served as a Memorial Specialist and Homecare Manager which helped shape her deeply passionate approach to providing families with expert care.

Molly ignites self confidence in her clients so that they are eager and able to find strength and inspiration in their birthing experience. As an LGBTQ advocate, Molly provides support with zero judgment and is proud to guide all families through the prenatal, labor and postnatal stages.

Born and raised in Novato, Molly is now actively building a birth and postpartum practice in the Bay Area and Marin County. She completed her certification with Doula Trainings International (DTI). You can find Molly teaching childbirth education classes here at LUNA as well as serving families throughout the Bay Area. Be sure to check out her amazing online Birth & Beyond Education portal here!

Aisha Carabello

Certified Birth Doula | Placenta Encapsulation Specialist | Childbirth Educator

I'm Aisha, a mama of two, Certified Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, and Childbirth Educator. I was always intrigued by fertility, pregnancy and birth, but it wasn’t until my first pregnancy that I fully immersed myself in a plethora of reading materials and research surrounding my newly growing baby and the many options there are for pregnant women. After the birth of my son, my whole world was forever changed. Being a mama has been an incredible journey and continues to shape and evolve me as a mom. My kids are truly my greatest teachers and they are, by far, the greatest gifts I have ever received. It was after the birth of my 2nd child, that I started to realize my other gifts surrounding birth. I had a doula for my first birth and it was because of her continuous support, commitment and encouragement that I was able to have the beautifully empowering birth experience with the birth of my son. A few years later with the birth of my daughter, the knowledge and advocacy of my midwife and doula team gave me something priceless. As the mystery of birth would have it, my water broke earlier than expected. My birth team advised me to go to triage and test the fluid to see if it was amniotic fluid. The hospital staff ran the test and it came back negative, so they were going to discharge me. But my birth team advocated for a 2nd test and the hospital staff reluctantly gave me one. And as it turned out, the water they had dismissed was in fact amniotic fluid. That graceful yet strong voice for a 2nd test saved my baby. I had her five and a half weeks early. Their voice, both through advocating for myself and my daughter, and their words of encouragement throughout my labor, inspired me to want to offer my own voice with grace, knowledge and comfort to women in pregnancy, labor, and beyond. I teach the Cornerstone Method of Childbirth Education at LUNA, and serve as a birth doula and placenta encapsulation specialist to mamas in the Bay Area.

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