The LUNA Method has been a game changer! As a new mama it can be intimidating to get back out in the world, and even more intimidating to get into a workout space (hello dirty childcare gym  or no care) but never have I felt so comfortable and SO supported in such a beautiful environment. Things I love about The LUNA Method:- Amazing workouts while protecting your pelvic floor, back and other neglected mama areas. They may feel small at first, but just wait for the soreness to kick in as those neglected muscles get a hand to them. Tummy flat, booty plump ;) - Type A cleanliness and superb childcare. Throughout the gorgeous studio and children's play space is super clean. I've never worried about leaving my little babe as I am confident that not only is he in amazing hands (all childcare givers have childhood education backgrounds and are the sweetest, most attentive mamas themselves) but the play room is clean as a whistle too. - Killer Music! I've never been to Soul Cycle but I'd be surprised if the music selection didn't rival their playlists. - Beautiful community of mamas and mamas to be. Everyone has been so sweet and welcoming. Zero judgements. What's not to love?! I'm two months in and already my mama tummy has transformed back to my almost prebaby stomach. Pounds have dropped, confidence has gone up and I'm back into my old wardrobe feeling better then ever. Can't say enough good things about Sarah and the amazing LUNA Method. Do yourself a favor and go here...now. Baby, pre baby, never going to have a baby - these classes have you covered.


-Caroline, mama to Drake


1938 A 4th Street
San Rafael, CA 94901


(415) 295-7707


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