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The Evolution Of LUNA

The LUNA Method™ was founded & created by Sarah Bradford, a mother who during her own pregnancy wanted to stay active but found that aside from yoga, prenatal fitness was lacking in a big way. Through her own postpartum healing and fitness journey, Sarah was inspired to bring a new form of safe, modern, evidence based, and highly effective pregnancy and postpartum fitness to her community, while also educating ALL women on the anatomy & functionality of how their bodies move. After seeing the profound impact that The LUNA Method had on her local community, Sarah and her COO, Stephanie Nelson, joined forces with Women's Health Physical Therapists, Nurse Midwives, Labor & Deliver Nurses, Doulas, and other experts in the field of maternal wellbeing and parenting to evolve The LUNA Method into a global offering that goes well beyond just fitness.


At The LUNA Method™ we believe that being fit goes beyond exercise alone. Which is why our method integrates our modern, evidence based, and proven effective fitness methodology with pelvic floor physical therapy, corrective & preventative exercise, education, nutritional guidance, and an abundance of courses + resources led by LUNA's experts. Our uniquely holistic methodology prepares you for pregnancy, birth, and motherhood physically and mentally by empowering you with an abundance of knowledge, tools, and support - all in one place.

More Than Just Fitness